"PAROS K.T.E.L. S.A." with many years of experience, aims to continuous renew of its fleet and services and constantly looks for organizational and technical solutions which will provide quality services to the passengers.

Monitors and continuously experimenting with new technologies in order to modernize its fleet and provided services for the passengers, reducing operating costs, improving monitoring of the vehicle fleet etc.


"PAROS K.T.E.L. S.A." undertakes handling unaccompanied parcels and luggage quickly and economically. The parcel shipping cost is subject to the weight, dimensions and packaging.

In case you carry or send an article of greater value, please inform the staff so that its delivery is not supported, otherwise the particular item is sent at your own risk and responsibility.

CAUTION: In any case, the carriers are not responsible for theft or loss of personal belongings of passengers during transport.


Passenger with luggage pays full fare for bicycle’s transport whereas without luggage pays half. Folding bicycles without luggage are carried free of charge.

Pet transportation

The carriage of small companion animals by bus is permitted under passenger’s responsibility and at the discretion of the driver or representative of the carrier according to vehicle occupancy and passengers safety (except dogs accompanying individuals with disabilities), if placed in a safe pet carrier, accompanied by the owner who bears the individual health-passport booklet and cares not to cause injury or annoyance of other passengers. Animals transported, should be placed within the passenger compartment and under no circumstances are carried in the luggage compartment.

Pets over 10 kg are not transported and animals whose health booklet is not stamped by a veterinarian last year.
Pet transportation is limited to two pets per bus.

Assistant dogs

Dogs accompanying individuals with disabilities (blind guides, assistants for people with disabilities) are transferred without cage and muzzle, if on a leash and their owner should carry, and whenever requested by statutory provisions documents certifying the education adequacy of the animal and the health of this.


For more information regarding transporations using Paros KTEL, please contact us